About Us

We created StrengthMove for the sole reason to provide for customers and help them progress further in their fitness and health journeys. We found a lack of quality-rich products in the market, hence why we decided to join and benefit our customers.

We are StrengthMove, a business which had been created around a year and a half ago, and with vast amounts of developing, we have finally launched our brand, now available to public. We include product ideas that have stemmed from the past, and intend to incorporate bright prospects in the future.

We are selling fitness and health-related products, that are designed to make your fitness journeys that much more exciting and will help breeze past your health goals. Our aim is to assist with every individual story and objectives of yours, and insist that our products will provide benefit to our customers.

We are selling these products as a while back, I was in the same boat as many of you customers, where I felt that I wasn't getting the most help and benefit to my fitness journey, and I wasn't really any closer to my goals and objectives, so these products are all designed to take your gym experiences to the next level, and so progress can be maximised.